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(L to R) Andi, Val and Jess

ALERT Health Board of Directors Dished Up Fun and Dinner at the 2009 Ragin’ Cajun Fundraising Dinner

The turn out was excellent at Rosey Baby Crawfish and Cajun House at 4587 North University Drive in Lauderhill.  Rosey Baby is a fantastic and genuinely authentic Cajun restaurant worth visiting if you’re ever in the area.  Make sure to meet Rosey Baby owner Jeff  to let him know you read about his eatery on ALERT's website or at the fundraising event. 

The theme of this fundraising dinner was to pit Board member against Board member to see who could raise the most tips from their guests throughout the evening.

The Directors worked hard all evening serving up fun and a delicious dinner to special friends and work associates. The evening's photographs were snapped by Stephen Tosch from   www.musicandmodelmarketing.com.

The outstanding menu included prime rib, sirloin, mahi-mahi and baby back ribs. Throughout the evening, guests were entertained by the music styling of Jim Williamson from Big Hit Entertainment who belted out tunes familiar to us "baby-boomers” with many guests dancing  the night away.

It was pure delight to see how creative and enthusiastic the Board was. It was a high-spirited quest to win the coveted "Top Server Award" for 2009 but in the end Val Adia, ALERT's Vice President, took home the trophy. The other Board members were presented with a medal of honor for their dedication and hard work.

Raffle items were donated by each Board member including beautiful candles, spa gift certificates, special single-malt scotch and a wine country basket (to name a few).  Three gorgeous one-of-a-kind Chinese porcelain vases donated by retired Judge John Gaudiosi. Beautiful mounted photographs were donated by Sharon Kreycik-League, a true adventurer who travels throughout Florida to immortalize the most amazing creations of nature on film. More of Sharon's work can be seen at www.picturetherealflorida.com

ALERT also thanks the wonderful people at Rosey Baby for being gracious hosts and serving the best best Cajun-style food in town. Special thanks go to Rosey Baby staff Julie and Ellen for helping us get our "party" on, Angela Graziotti for the amazing cookie centerpieces and Rene Souza for her artistic genius in creating the server's aprons and event sign.

A big THANK YOU to our volunteers: Angela Graziotti, Nic Bardisa, Ashley Andress and Bill Bardisa.

Each and every person made this event special and successful.  The Board of Directors raised $4,000 to benefit ALERT Health. 

We’re looking forward doubling that next year!  Each member of the Board and their guests have our deepest appreciation. 

event Video:

Rajun Cajun 2009 Video

You can order pictures of the event directly from Walgreens and pick them up at the location most convenient to you!  Click here to get to the Walgreens website.

Once you create a username and password, you can view and select the pictures you want, choose the location where you want to pick them up, then check out.  You have the choice of paying for your prints online or paying at the store counter when you pick them up.  Again, thanks for such a good turnout and an amazing time! 

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Out and About in 2009!


Executive Director, Andi Thomas and City of North Miami Mayor Kevin Burns.




Andi, Judge David Young, Jess Thomas, and City of North Miami Councilman Scott Galvin connect at a Greater North Miami Chamber of Commerce luncheon.



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  • Take a look at ALERT's new health education comic launched this week. "The Story of Jamal Appleseed" is the first of a series of comic novellas written by and for minority young adults. After reading, please visit our Survey page to let us know what you think (and maybe share your ideas for the next issue)!

  • ALERT Health received a $100,000 check from The Blue Foundation for a Healthy Florida for the "Integrated Preventive Service Project". IPSP provides obesity/blood pressure/cholesterol & glucose testing to ALERT's previously unscreened young adult clients. IPSP is also supported by Jackson Health System Office of Community Health Services, and was launched with a pilot project grant from Dade Community Foundation. Our thanks to all our supporters for making this addition to our services a reality.

  • Grant award update!  ALERT's Executive Director received a good-news phone call today from Blue Foundation for a Healthy Florida. ALERT's "Integrated Preventive Service Project" will be supported for 2-years.  IPSP provides obesity/blood pressure/cholesterol & glucose testing and linkage for our previously unscreened young adult clients.

2007 - 2008 summary

  • Grants Awarded! A 3-year contract with Florida Dep't of Health to conduct Social Network Testing. The program is called SNAP (Social Network Access Project).  Watch our site for more information in early January and A 1-year grant from Jackson Health System Office of Community Services to provide obesity/blood pressure/cholesterol & glucose testing and linkage.Dade Community Foundation 'Community AIDS Partnership' grant approved. This grant supports one counselor for the year.  Many thanks to the Foundation's continued support of our efforts and community.

  • ALERT's Exec. Director will be presenting a poster at the National STD Prevention Conference in Chicago highlighting the agency's chlamydia/gonorrhea screening program on March 12th.  View the poster and the handout.

  • We're pleased to announce that we have changed our name and updated our mission. Our new name is ALERT Health, Inc., and our mission is "to improve the health and quality of life for people at risk for chronic disease, by providing accessible, integrated preventive health services."

  • Congratulations to us! Hep-C ALERT celebrated its 10th Anniversary on 7/31/07. That's something to celebrate. Please help us help others by donating in honor of our achievement. 

  • Another excellent grant received - $20.100 from MAC AIDS Fund, to support counseling staff for HIV/AIDS prevention in our community.

  • Many thanks to a new funder: The Dr. John T. Macdonald Foundation, for a grant in the amount of $25,000 to support additional counseling staff.

  • Hep-C ALERT is awarded a $9,000 grant from Dade Community Foundation to provide free HPV vaccine to 19 to 26 year old income-eligible women through the Merck Adult Vaccine Patient Assistance Program.

  • Many thanks to Roche for their continued substantial support of Hep-C ALERT's hepatitis C education, testing and support services. Additionally, our thanks are extended to Valeant and Vertex for supporting our efforts in the community. 

  • The Hep-C ALERT 2006 Annual Performance Report is available! 

  • Andi Thomas, Martha Saly (NVHR) and Lorren Sandt (Hepatitis C Caring Ambassadors) at the Institute of Medicine in Washington, DC for the "Prevention and Control of Viral Hepatitis Infections" meeting.

july - december 2006 summary:

  • Final DINNER WITH THE DOC patient forum scheduled with Dr. Isaac Bassan. December 13th at 7:00pm. Seating is limited - registration required.  RSVP now. 

  • Jackson Health System awards Hep-C ALERT a $40,000 grant for chlamydia/gonorrhea treatment and HPV (human papillomavirus) screening.

  • Another SWITCH event coming soon! Hep-C ALERT is joining with Johnson & Wales University for a major poetry slam on December 1st - World AIDS Day.  $300 first prize. Hold the date!

  • Two more DINNER WITH THE DOC patient forums scheduled. Join Dr. Marc Avila on November 15th and Dr. Isaac Bassan on December 13th.  Seating is limited - registration required.  More...

  • International Longshoremen's Association hepatitis screening events in Miami and Fort Lauderdale a resounding success. See the pix...

  • The Project ALERT public service announcement (above/center) will air on MTV and BET in the North Miami-Dade County area in a few weeks. Thanks to MAC Cosmetics, Comcast and Full Moon Creative for making this happen.  We would love to get your feedback.

  • 123NoMi hepatitis A and B vaccination services launched!  If you are located in North Miami-Dade County, and are interested in FREE hepatitis screening and vaccination, please contact 305-893-7992 x104 or x105.

  • Hep-C ALERT's grant to Jackson Health System for its "Prevention Plus" project was approved and will start early October.  This grant provides for chlamydia treatment and HPV screening for at-risk young adults in the North-Dade community.

  • Hep-C ALERT is proud to sponsor the 3rd Annual Florida Hep-C Fest in Hollywood, FL. on Sunday, September 3rd.  More...

  • Our contract is IN for the 123-NoMi (Closing The Gap) grant to provide hepatitis vaccination to at-risk adults.  We are seeking an L.P.N. or R.N. for the position. Contact jobs@hep-c-alert.org for more information. 

  • The next SWITCH Poetry Slam is scheduled on World AIDS Day - December 1st. Stay tuned!

april/may/june 2006 summary:

  • Hep-C ALERT receives 3-year Dept. of Health contract to conduct hepatitis screening and vaccination for medically underserved minorities in North Miami Dade county.

  • Dade Community Foundation continues supporting Project ALERT for 3rd year!  Grant received to hire additional staff to respond to increased demand for counseling & testing services at our office.

  • Hep-C ALERT conducts hepatitis screening at Bacardi Corp. in Puerto Rico.  150 employees screened. 

  • Hep-C ALERT conducts hepatitis screening at the International Longshoreman's Association at the Port of Miami. 150 union members screened.

  • Rapid HIV testing added to our roster of services.  Clients are THRILLED with the new technology that gives their results in 20 minutes.

  • Syphilis testing added as well! As of July 1, we now offer Hepatitis A, B and C, HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorhea, and Syphilis screening. Our fully integrated 'one-stop' approach is welcomed by clients and counselors alike.

march 2006 summary:

  • Hep-C ALERT is changing it's name to Complete Prevention. 

  • Hep-C ALERT receives the 2006 Art of Building Community Award from Dade Community Foundation for "Project ALERT."

  • M-A-C AIDS Fund awards Hep-C ALERT a $5,000 grant to produce and air a Public Service Announcement on MTV and BET in North Miami-Dade County.

  • Hep-C ALERT conducts the largest single Hepatitis C Testing Event in the U.S. during Daytona Beach Bike Week 2006.  Preliminary results are in and...  View Report... 

February 2006 summary:

  • ALERT submits application to Florida Dept. of Health to become a Rapid HIV Testing Site.

  • Looking for the next SWITCH event...?  It's on June 27, 2006 in honor of National HIV Testing Day.  We'll see you around the local poetry spots during April & May to pass out information.

  • We just submitted a proposal to the Florida Department of Health, Office of Minority Health, to support three-year hepatitis screening and vaccination project.  Wish us luck!

  • Six nursing students from Barry University complete 70 hours (ea) of community service with Hep-C ALERT's outreach team!

  • Huge thanks to Roche for their continuing support in 2006.

  • Special acknowledgement to Valeant for their first-time support of Hep-C ALERT for 2006.

January 2006 summary:

  • Our gratitude to CVS Pharmacare for their CONTINUING support of Hep-C ALERT.

    A new year, and continuing great projects!  Hep-C ALERT 2006 funded programs include:

    • Project ALERT (SWITCH, Let's Connect, and HIV testing)

    • Addiction Recovery Hepatitis Intervention Project

    • Bridges to Treatment

    • 877-HELP4HEP and 866-4HEPHIV National Hotline Services

december 2005 summary:

  • Executive Director presents the “Addiction Recovery Hepatitis Intervention Project” (ARHIP) at the CDC National Viral Hepatitis Prevention Conference, Washington, DC, 12/8/05.

  • Nearly 1200 hours of volunteer services were received at a value of $12,000. Couldn't do it without the volunteers!

november 2005 summary:

  • Hep-C ALERT adds new testing to it's roster of services. Free confidential Chlamydia and Gonorrhea screening is now available for females between 15 and 25 years old.

  • Florida International University intern completes a Community Needs Assessment for the agency.

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