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andi: executive director


NDI THOMAS, is the founder and Executive Director of Hep-C ALERT/ALERT Health, one of the most comprehensive nonprofit hepatitis service organizations the U.S.  Hep-C ALERT/ALERT Health is dedicated to raising awareness of and assisting people affected by hepatitis C.  Ms. Thomas offers an outstanding background in practical knowledge of healthcare delivery systems and a deep personal desire to assist others in their fight against this insidious and often silent chronic infection.

When first was diagnosed with chronic Hep-C in 1996, Andi quickly realized that little information was available to the lay public, and no mechanism was in place to raise awareness of, identify, treat or prevent the spread of the Hep-C virus.  Concerned with this reality and drawing from her years of experience in the healthcare field, Ms. Thomas launched a personal quest to increase awareness of this “silent epidemic”. The result of her concern is this organization.  

Today, ALERT’s trained staff respond to hundreds of clients each week and ensure they are cared for and able to access prevention and medical services by providing free screening, health education, support and care referrals.  Expanding the scope of services to include all forms of viral hepatitis and HIV further optimized the organization's ability to meet the community’s needs.  In addition, Ms. Thomas has emerged as a national spokesperson for the Hep-C cause.  Nationally, she has appeared on ABC News Nightline with Forrest Sawyer, and has been quoted in U.S. News and World Report, Cosmopolitan, Newsweek, and the Washington Post. 

Andi Thomas and Hep-C ALERT/ALERT Health are pledged to remain at the center of expanding public awareness and concern of, and assisting people affected by this silent killer called Hepatitis C.


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